Shelter Success Stories!

We've been around for a long time, and we've seen a lot of special animals come to us, and go on to wonderful forever homes. Here are a few of their stories.

Margaret and Hazel

My mom Hazel adopted this sweet cat from Seekonk and named her Margaret. She was very timid and had the cutest head tilt. Mom loved her and her life revolved around Margaret.

My mom recently passed away and when she was hospitalized she was so worried about what would happen to her beloved cat. My siblings and I knew that Margaret also loved mom’s housekeeper Marie.

Knowing that Marie could provide a quiet loving and dog free home we asked Marie if she would take Margaret. So Margaret is now living with Marie and adjusting well.

I have included a picture of her with my mom and another of her in her new home. We asked for donations to Save A Pet in lieu of flowers at moms funeral because that was her wish.

We hope you will feature this sad but happy ending story at the auction.


Bishop was our last, and one of the most special, adoption of 2016. Bishop came to the shelter with deformed front elbows, and Save A Pet paid for his surgery and recovery.

Shelter and Save A Pet members came together to care for him until his perfect match arrived. Bishop found a wonderful home to share! One family member, “H” also has trouble walking, and the two have an amazing bond.

Thank you for your continued support as we take on another year of savings lives, loving care, and finding forever homes!

The Angels

Kate, a Seekonk Animal Shelter Alumna, was born in a parking lot. Thanks to the Shelter and Save A Pet, Kate now spends most of her day napping and purring, and clawing dad's shoulder until she gets her belly scratched. She hopes you'll come to the auction and help other cats like her have a chance at a great life!

Farrah is another Shelter Alumna. When her dad first met her, she was hiding under her bed in her kennel at the shelter, and trembled at the slightest noise. Now, she won't sleep at night without snuggling on her St. Louis Cardinals blanket, and getting a thorough brushing. She's an expert at playing fetch with her favorite mouse toy. Farrah wants you to know that Save A Pet made her new life possible.

Cheryl, proud Shelter Alumna, was never supposed to be a lap cat. She came to her forever home skittish, wild, and invested in looking at the birds and squirrels outside. Today, she's embraced the lap cat lifestyle, and achieved Level 10 Nap Mastery. She wants to thank Save A Pet for helping her find such a comfortable place to spend her life.


Hey Hey its Heavy Ebbie! Ebbie was adopted by the Whelans to keep their other cat Mia company. She enjoys Mia's company and hanging outside in her cat room! (a screened in porch under our deck) Ebbie is a large heavy cat and was returned to the Seekonk Animal Shelter a couple of times. However, she has found her furever home!


Ali (Now Charley) is a smart girl who let Walmart shoppers buy her kitty food, but wouldn’t let anyone get too close. One glorious day in January 2015, Kelly met Ali, and opened her heart and home to this beautiful girl. Kelly tells us that Charley has brought so much love, joy, and happiness into her life that it boosted her confidence to achieve her personal goals. Thank you to the Save A Pet Society for providing funds to keep Ali safe, fed, and healthy during her stay at the shelter!


Hydrox is a Seekonk Shelter alumna who is 14 years old. She has lived with Pam and Steven Howitt for 12 happy years. She also tolerates Miss Pixie. It was love at first sight - as her heart shaped nose proclaims!


Quincy was found in July 2014 with a broken jaw. After surgery, Quincy needed to be fostered for 6 weeks while his jaw healed. His foster mom just couldn’t give him up, so this sweet and super affectionate boy was adopted and gets along great with his siblings. He loves to play fetch with his favorite toy that he still has since he was a kitten! Thanks to Seekonk Save A Pet Society for providing the necessary vet care that gave Quincy the chance to live a very happy life!


We initially missed out on Rocket (aka, Stills), but were given a second chance to adopt him! He is named after the Marvel character Rocket Raccoon, since his tail looks like a raccoon, and he's always darting around the house like a rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy is also one of my favorite movies). He is always waiting to give us hugs when we get home from work. He loves hanging out in his cat tree in the front window, or in his bed next to Josh when he's working from home. We couldn't be happier!


Pixie, originally known as Mozzarella, was a member of the Toti’s Pizza gang, found living behind the pizza parlor with her siblings, Basil and Pepperoni. Not being able to resist that face and not wanting the adorable calico kitten to go through life being called cheese, an agreement was reached. Pixie (soon to be 4) adopted Steven and Pam Howitt, and lives happily (most of the time) with her older sister, also a Seekonk Shelter alumna, Hydrox (soon to be 15.)


Pumpkin aka Posh enjoys bird watching, scratches, sleeping in laps and helping to decorate her forever home.